Fast Wireless Charger – Multifunctional & Quick Charging

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This product is a multifunctional wireless charger that can be used to charge devices and features customizable RGB lighting.


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Customer Reviews

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High quality product. Very pretty beautifully and the speakers listen very well. The application to handle it gives you many device customization options. Recommended 100%


Really is very beautiful! Satisfied


And beautiful and fast shipment. .......... Thanks


Only recommended with extensive color setting via app. Super.


Simply speculate!

Ragoba has it all

Smooth RGB lights, super-fast phone charger, speaker, and alarm, all in one.

Smooth Design

Minimalistic curves creating even light distribution and elegance all around.

Spectacular RGB

Bring in the Rainbow

Ragoba provides 256 types of color modes to choose from for any occasion. It can go from warm to cold and from dark to bright. The colors can be programmed to have a gradual dimming or brightening at a specific time of the day to create a healthy circadian rhythm.

You will see…

Useful in every situation

The more you use it the more you realize you need it. This is the consensus of our customers. Get ready to buy your new favorite tool.

Stable Base

Having four legs keeps ragoba safe on a shelf or any kind of horizontal surface. In addition, the material used to create it are super strong refind solid plastics and metals. Covered with rubber for more flexibility in some places.

Ideal light source

With a nice geometric design, it can spread light evenly. 15W power supports the light LED panels. The speakers get the energy from the charger base. Maximizes Super Fast charging with maximum power.

What benefits does RAGOBA offer?


Powerful Charger

A “Super Fast” charger is ready for your smartphone all day. It can charge an iPhone 13 to full in 2 hours and it stops automatically after that to preserve battery health on your device.

Control Panel

Ragoba has a control panel that can set the alarm, the strength & color of the RGB lights, program the lighting, and control over the speakers. For an even better experience, we advise downloading our dedicated App to have wireless control over Ragoba.

High-Quality Speakers

Speakers with new low dealy technology to create a fully immersive sound experience. They are used for the Alarm system, for Music playing, and for general sound effects. The alarm can be combined with Music.


The best version of yourself starts with the best sleep Helps you relax before bedtime and get the sleep you’ve always dreamed of.


Simulates a natural sunrise to gently wake you up, making it easier for you to wake up thanks to the soft and non-dazzling light it emits.